Hi, I'm Zuzu, the cutest little bee girl. I lived in the most magical and yummiest kingdom, called Zuzubalândia. I'm the happy main protagonist of the franchie of the same name.

Why I'm BEE-utiful

  1. I'm Brazil's cutest little bee.
  2. For fit my cuteness and tomboyishness, I wore my pair of the very cute and very shiny black Mary Jane shoes, so my besties will adore me.
  3. My character design is pure adorable, to fit my tomboyish personality.
  4. I'm one of Brazil's most adorable icons.
  5. I'm interested in boys' stuff (including sports and video games), but I love cute things.
  6. I'm extremely happy, when somebody kissed me! Tee-hee!
  7. Since I stole the show, I became extremely popular. In fact, I became part of BALDONI children's line!
  8. My favorite foods, are donuts, popsicle, candy and of course, pizza.

Why I'm Not So BEE-utiful

  1. Despite being a very cute little diva, my cute singing voice sounds... uh, too painful.
  2. Due to being gassy, I'm interested in farting. For example, I've won the farting contest, using my powerful fart and recieve a long-haired wig, as my prize.
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