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Yen Sid is a supporting character from Disney's 1940 animated film, Fantasia -- Specifically the third segment, The Sorcerer's Apprentice. He's a powerful sorcerer who serves as Mickey Mouse’s teacher in the art of magic and sorcery.

He was named and modeled after Walt Disney, considering his appearance is awfully similar to Walt and his name is Disney spelled backwards.

Why He Rocks


  1. He's single-handedly one of the most powerful characters Disney's ever created. Plus, even though most of his powers were drawn from his hat, he's shown that he still has plenty of power even without it. A great example would be the water flood scene where he was able to force the water to dissolve and create large waves while doing so along restore the brooms to normal, all without his hat.
  2. Despite being cold and strict most of the time he still genuinely cares about his apprentice and his safety.
  3. He's also shown to have a hidden sense of humor and caring side underneath his stern exteriors, as he not only cracked a smile at Mickey's antics, he briefly slapped him with a broom at one point. This proves he not completely cold and ruthless

Kingdom Hearts

  1. We finally get to hear his voice for the first time since his appearance on Disney on Parade from 1971.
  2. Aside from still having his powerful magic, he's also very wise and protective towards his close ones.
  3. In Birth of Sleep, it's revealed that he's a retired Keyblade master and that he was very talented with said key, and on the rare occasions he gets involved in the action, he's shown to be a serious opponent who's not to be underestimated
  4. He officially became the Big Good since Re:coded and he's pretty approachable and fearless.
  5. The running gag of him trying to say his name his Disney spelled backwards is pretty funny.