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Woody Woodpecker is a animated cartoon character created by Walter Lantz. He first appeared in the 1940 Andy Panda cartoon, Knock Knock. But surprisingly, he stole the show, and became Universal Studios' biggest cartoon star. Because of the success of the funny-looking woodpecker, Walter Lantz decided to receive Woody his very own series of solo short films.

Why He Rocks

  1. He was not only Walter Lantz's greatest megastar, but the official mascot of Universal Studios, as well.
  2. As his popularity goes on and on, he received comic books, clothing, video games, feature films and television programs.
    • He had some feature film cameos, including George Pal's sci-fi classic, Destination Moon, Disney and Amblin's Oscar-winning masterpiece, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Son of the Mask.
  3. More than any other cartoon character, he starred in more than 150 theatrical cartoons.
  4. His catchphrase "Guess Who?" was tremendous.
  5. His popularity that brings the laughs to audiences all around the world, especially the USA, Canada and Brazil.

Bad Quality

  1. The United Artists studio does not like the character of Woody Woodpecker, it thought Woody was too intense. But ironically, it distributed only six Woody Woodpecker cartoons. Finally, in the early 1950s, Universal brought back Woody Woodpecker.
  2. Since his feature film was released in theaters in Brazil, it bring his popularity in Brazil down to zero. However, it became a cult classic in America, as a direct-to-video release, despite being one of the weakest films of all time.