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Steven Universe
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"Pink! There you are!"

White Diamond is an antagonist of the Steven Universe special Change Your Mind. She made her first appearance in Legs From Here To Home World.

Why She Rocks

  1. She's a very entertaining and menacing antagonist as seen in the scene where she pulls Stevens gemstone out.
  2. Her design is uncanny yet very nice to look at and well thought out.
  3. She heals the corrupted gems when she arrives to Earth with Steven and the other Diamonds
  4. She started getting character development in the Change Your Mind special.
  5. She definitely looks like a high rank leader who is more higher than Yellow and Blue.
  6. She redeemed herself when she was convinced that Steven wasn't Pink Diamond and realizes that she is flawed.
  7. Very amazing ability where she mind-trolls her victims including Pink Pearl.