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Wanda Venus Fairywinkle-Cosma is one of the main characters in the series, who is one of Timmy and Chloe's fairy godparents, alongside her husband Cosmo, and her son Poof. Unlike her husband, Wanda tends to be more responsible and is reluctant to grant dumb wishes, but is usually obliged to grant them anyway or Cosmo grants them instead. Wanda is voiced by Susanne Blakeslee in the cartoon, who also voiced the CGI version of Wanda in the Live-Action Movies. A humanized version of Wanda also appeared in the first live movie, played in live action by Cheryl Hines. This will focus on seasons 1-8 of the show, where she was good.

Why She Rocked

  1. Unlike Timmy's real mother, she is a lot more caring and loves Timmy and makes sure she satisfies and keeps him happy, but she will make sure to do what is right and is also strict and will follow Da Rules, so she can make sure that Timmy can't have everything go his way.
  2. She gives Timmy good advice about how some of his wishes might backfire and might not work.
  3. Despite she and Cosmo's contrasting personalities and their tendencies to argue, they stay married and have a good relationship. Wanda usually acts as the mind (and the bravery) while Cosmo acts as the fun.
  4. Before Poof, she serves as a mother-like figure towards Timmy.
  5. She is probably the most smartest character in the show along with AJ.
  6. Susan Blakeslee does a great job voicing her.
  7. She is also very responsible and won’t grant dumb wishes that Timmy wishes for since she knows that those wishes will turn wrong.
  8. She can also use her swirly hair to fight others as shown in "Planet Poof".
  9. She acts like a Mama Bear whenever Timmy, Poof, and Cosmo are in danger.
  10. Wanda is a lot more reasonable and a lot more strict in comparison to Cosmo and will make sure that Timmy must follow rules and always looks after him to make sure that he is alright.

Bad Qualities

  1. Unfortunately, she was flanderized in Seasons 9-10, becoming a nagging wife stereotype who frequently loses her wand for what can only be described as plot contrivance.
    • It also varies whether she was in character or not in Seasons 6-8. For example, following Poof's introduction, Wanda has become less empathetic towards Timmy in several cases, with the offending episode being "Lights Out", where she was arguably at her worst as she repeatedly tried to kill Timmy throughout that episode for a petty reason: because he read Poof a scary bedtime story.
    • Another example is "Bad Heir Day", where it was severely out of character for Wanda to have gotten so mad at Timmy even though it was clear he'd risked his life to protect Poof. However, he again did put his guard down, and try to do fun (and dangerous) stuff with Poof, similar to "Mission Responsible". Yes, Timmy did deserve to be punished, but Wanda should not have been allowed to poof Timmy to the alligators as punishment since fairies have to keep their godchildren safe, not put them in danger on purpose.
  2. Her and Cosmo's squabbling can be too much to deal with.
  3. In Season 5, the writers often wrote a lot of mean-spirited and unfunny jokes surrounding her and Cosmo's marriage, which makes the dynamic between the duo not very charming and loving. Thankfully, once Poof came aboard in Season 6, Cosmo and Wanda were revamped into being loving godparents.
  4. She can be a little too strict and cautious at times.