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Vin is a half-skaa Mistborn from the Final Empire on Scadrial. She later becomes known as Heir to the Survivor, the Ascendant Warrior and the Lady Mistborn, as well as taking on the alias Valette Renoux. She was born to Tevidian Tekiel's skaa mistress in year 1005 FE in Luthadel, and was raised by her half brother Reen after he discovered that their sister had been murdered by their mother. The two lived on the streets and worked in the underground, until eventually coming to work in Camon's crew.  

Vin trains in and works with Kelsier's crew after he prevents Camon from beating her to death, and infiltrates the nobility under the guise of Valette Renoux, eventually helping to save the survivors of the skaa rebellion's army and killing Shan Elariel before fighting the Lord Ruler and killing him. After the Collapse, she marries Elend Venture and sets herself and Elend up as the empress and emperor of the New Empire, respectively, during the Siege of Luthadel, wherein she kills Zane and Straff Venture, saves the city from rampaging koloss and forces Lord Cett to swear his allegiance to them. In the aftermath of the siege, she inadvertently frees Ruin from its prison at the Well of Ascension.  

Following Ruin's release, Vin helps to secure her and Elend's empire; locating the Lord Ruler's storage caverns, participating in the Siege of Fadrex City, and takes up the Shard Preservation shortly prior to the Battle of Hathsin, wherein she gives her life to kill Ruin. In the years following the Final Ascension, she becomes a mythical figure to the descendants of the survivors, known as the Ascendant Warrior. In the Words of Founding, it is said that she became the guardian of the mists and now watches over people in the night.  

Why She Rocks

  • She's a sympathetic character, who was born on the streets, one of many victims of the Lord Ruler's oppression of the Skaa people, and was forced to lie, decieve, steal, and kill in order to survive in the world, guided by her brother, Reen.  
  • What makes her backstory even more sad is that her mother attempted to kill her when she was very small, (she succeeded with murdering her sister), and she had to be saved by her brother.  
  • She has a great design.  Most of the fan art, which is surprisingly close to how Sanderson described her in the books, depicts her as being really unassuming and adorable, which makes it shocking that she's as badass as she is.  
  • She's incredibly badass, especially when she gets angry or her loved ones are threatened, seen when she faces off against The Lord Ruler, Ashweather Cett, or Straff Venture.  
  • Her relationship with Kelsier is incredibly endearing, the two don't like or trust each other at first, but eventually end up becoming loyal comrades in their fight against The Lord Ruler, and great companions, almost like father and daughter.  
  • Her relationship with Elend, while not the most indepth romantic relationship ever, is still engaging and likeable, which makes Elend's death at the end of The Well of Ascension extremely sad.  
  • Her character arc throughout the series, learning to trust and believe in others, after the awful way she HAD to live her life before making it impossible for that, was incredibly likeable and enjoyable.  
  • She also has her share of really funny moments too, although not a gigantic amount due to the drama and trauma that she faces, it does help to balance everything else out.  


  • Anonymity. Hiding, even when you’re with others. Being quiet, unobtrusive. Forcing yourself to stay apart—emotionally, at least. It’s a way of life. A protection.  
  • You brought armies to attack my city. You threatened my people. I won’t slaughter your soldiers, make them pay for what you did, but I will kill you, Cett.  
  • I can't decide if you're a fool, (...) or if you simply exist in a way that makes you incapable of considering some things. (...) You said that the only reason to create something is to destroy it. (...) We create things to watch them grow, Ruin. (...) To take pleasure in seeing that which we love become more than it was before.  
  • All right, what was that pink thing I just passed in the hallway?  
  • That was an illusion, a dream.  I am that child that grew up in the shadows.  


  • Vin was originally male in a single chapter of Mistborn before Brandon changed his mind.  

All Appearances

  • Mistborn:  The Final Empire (2006)
  • Mistborn:  The Well of Ascension (2007)
  • Mistborn:  The Hero of Ages (2008)
  • Mistborn:  The Alloy of Law (2011) (referenced)
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  • Mistborn:  The Bands of Mourning (2016) (referenced)
  • Mistborn:  Secret History (2016)