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Vicki LaMotta (née Thailer) is a central character in the 1980 biopic Raging Bull. She's Jake LaMotta's second wife and a mother of three kids who's also a constant victim of Jake's abuse.

She was portrayed by Cathy Moriarty.

Why She Rocks

  1. Cathy Moriarty pulls off an impressive, powerful and sometimes depressing performance of the lead's romantic interest.
  2. Before and during her and Jake's marriage, she deeply loved and respected Jake and would nearly constantly think about his interests at heart and show concern for him, which only makes the constant abuse from her husband even more depressing since she did nothing warranting all that.
  3. She serves as a living piece of symbolism and gets a lot of scenes involving water in some way, as if she's constantly "slipping away" from him. Plus her face is constantly obscured, showing how Jake can't see her for who she is with his constant frustrations.
  4. She's usually a lot more careful and observant than her husband, as shown a couple of times when she slowing notices how Jake was letting his personal anger get in the way of his common sense (both in his normal life and in boxing) and at one point tried to get Jake to patch things up with his brother, to no avail.
  5. Even though we don't get to see too much scenes with their kids, it's likely that she was a loving and protective mother based on some of the "home movies" footage along with the fact that she willing to divorce her husband when she eventually had enough of his abuse and wanted the kids to avoid the pain and suffering she went through.

Bad Qualities

  1. She's a pretty underdeveloped character who aside from a couple of notable traits, is partly there as a victim of Jake's abuse.