Vibri is the main protagonist of the 1999 rhythm game Vib-Ribbon, developed by NanaOn-Sha (who also did PaRappa The Rapper and Um Jammer Lammy). She's a vectorgraphic rabbit with a wireframe-like rendering who wanders around the titular dimension avoiding obstacles, singing and even running at very high speed depending on a song's tempo (the higher the tempo is, the faster Vibri will run).

she doesn't have a age, but most people believe her to be the same age as her game.

Why She Rocks

  1. Vibri has a very unique and simple design which is reminiscent of early computer graphics back in the 1970s.
  2. She can take alot of punishment after getting injured nine times each before degrading into a frog or even a worm (which works like some sort of a life meter).
  3. If the player manages to avoid enough obstacles, Vibri will envolve into a fairy princess.
  4. She has a very charismatic personality and doesn't give up if the player fails a stage. (Except in a certain Game Over screen where she'll break down in tears)
  5. Vibri is so cute that she can easily rival against PaRappa The Rapper and Lammy The Lamb (from other but more well known NanaOn-Sha works). Even the YouTube user Jim "Caddicarus" Caddick praised her adorableness when reviewing the 1999 game.
  6. If the player beats a stage, Vibri will sing and count the final score thanks to the text-to-speech program implemented into the game.
  7. While the sequel wasn't well recieved, Vibri finally made her re-appearance after her five-year absence. But this time, she has a pink glow around her white outline which is very unexpected yet decent touch.

Bad Qualities

  1. While she does speak both Japanese and English, some of her voice lines are nothing but gibberish. Also, her text-to-speech voice can be pretty annoying to some players, including her scream when she gets injured.
  2. Vibri's facial expressions can be quite cute and her eyes blink and look "permanently frozen" except in the Tutorial, Results and Game Over screens. Also, when she evolves into a queen, for perfect runs.
  3. She has good character development despite her uniqueness.
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