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"I am Venom and you are mine." ~Venom's first words.

Venom (alongside Eddie Brock) is the main protagonist of the Marvel Sony's Universe. He's the main protagonist of the Venom trilogy. He's a murderous yet heroic symbiote that became a vigilant after bonding with the Reporter Eddie Brock. He's voiced by Tom Hardy.

Why he Rocks

  1. Even though he can appear creepy, he's got a funny dark sense of humor.
    • "Eyes, lungs, pancreas.. So many snacks and so little time"
  2. His dynamic with Eddie Brock is hilarious and makes the movies more enjoyable.
  3. Since the start of his superhero career, Venom became more friendly and less psychotic even trying to kill Cletus Kasady.
  4. After his successful mission of defeating Riot and Drake from ruling the world, Venom accepts to only eat bad people.
  5. He is vowed to never cause any reckless actions, since the Skirmish on the Staten Island Ferry incident.
  6. He has high knowledge of film and pop culture, which he abuses and even helps him in taking down adversaries.

Bad Qualities