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''You didn't think this was the end of the story...did you?''

"What's my name?" ― Uma's catchphrase and the title of her introductory song

Uma is the "main antagonist" of The Disney Channel Original Movie Descendants 2 and its prequel novel Rise of the Isle of the Lost. She is the daughter of Ursula the Sea Witch from the Disney film The Little Mermaid, the most feared pirate on the High Seas, and one of Mal's rivals. She is played by China Anne McClain.

Why She Rocks

  1. We're supposed to see her as a bad guy just because she's Ursula's daughter. But the truth is, as children Mal and Uma used to be good friends, until one day, Mal poured a bucket of shrimp on Uma, leaving a strong shrimp stench on Uma, and not only did Uma turn into the Isle's laughing stock for quite some time, Mal got no punishment for her actions, and even worse, Uma could never beat Mal at anything from then on. Plus, like the other VKs, she has to live on a floating pile of rubble, but Mal and three other VKs got to leave the Isle and go the Auradon, leaving Uma on the pile of rubble, and making her a very tragic villain.
  2. Mal became less fearsome when she arrived at Auradon using magic to do her everyday tasks, but Uma's skills haven't diminished one bit.
  3. Three words: What's My Name?
  4. She never wanted to take over Auradon, she just wants to leave the Isle of the Lost and have actual freedom. In other words, she very relatable.
  5. Her actress really knows how to play a villainous role. Well done, McChain.

Bad Qualities

  1. During the climax of the second film, she put a love spell or Ben and transformed into a giant octopus hybrid when that failed. Doesn't she know that's exactly what her mother tried to do? She got herself killed when she tried that route, so maybe trying that exact same plan isn't the smartest idea.
  2. Speaking of which, her octopus CGI isn't very good and is obviously fake.