Torn is a character in the Jak & Daxter franchise.  He first appears in Jak II as the second in command of the Underground resistance movement and the one who recruits new members, after having left being a Krimson Guard to oppose Baron Praxis.  He's close friends with Ashelin, and after the Baron's death he becomes a commander in the Freedom League and Ashelin's lover.  In Jak 3, he's holed up in the Naughty Ottsle, formally the Hip Hog Haven Saloon.  In Jak X:  Combat Racing, he is one of the racers going up against Mizo's crime syndicate.  

Why He Rocks

  • Extremely Badass.  
  • Sleak and appealing character design.  
  • Great voice acting.  
  • He has one of the most interesting backstories in the entire series, having been a Krimson Guard for an unknown amount of time, but after having witnessed the Baron's corruption first hand, betrayed them and joined the Underground, eventually becoming the second in command and the one who recruits new members.  
  • He and Ashelin are an excellent couple.  
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