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"Whaat did you say? You were going down on my nuts?"

Tito Dick, Pilot

Richard "Tito Dick 'Dickman'" Cebasa is a supporting character from the Filipino anime series, The Nutshack. He is the 65 year old uncle of Phil Matibag and Jack Colero. TIto loves the ladies and he raised Phil all on his own.

Why He Rocks

  1. His name is Dick, and he's a "dick".
  2. He's in his sixties, but he can still party with the best of them.
    • His bio mentions he was the member of one of the first boy-bands, "The Boy Friends", and was famous in the 1970s until the band disbanded. He's now striving to become famous again.
  3. When he was younger, he repopulated his entire home village with all the women in the town, he did this along with his brother.
  4. He raised Phil all on his own without any help from anybody.
  5. He can make a party go wild just with only just his pure charisma.
  6. He loves and respects the ladies.
  7. He cares for his nephew Jack.
  8. He (unfortunately) did not kick Horat out of his apartment despite there being an 'no pets' rule.

Bad Qualities

  1. He is very manipulative of Phil, often guilt tripping him into doing what he wants.
  2. He was once arrested for smuggling dolphins into the United States.


  • According to his bio, he is 4'9".
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