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Indre better known as The Wife is the main female protagonist of the 1927 silent film Sunrise.

She was voiced by Janet Gaynor.

Why She Rocks

  1. Her actress pulled off astonishing performance as the Wife. This is shown when the man was about to drown the Wife. Gaynor looked pretty terrified and concerned.
  2. Despite being a silent woman, she still manage to display a lot of emotion when the time calls for it.
  3. She's very sweet and faithful to the Man, as shown when was willing to overlook the fact that she was nearly drowned.
  4. Despite not getting to see it very often, it's shown that she's also a mother, when she was nurturing their child.
  5. Her character has a beautiful appearance and traits, which matches her sweet and innocent nature. Blond hair, nature lover, peace, and purity.
  6. Her death scene (although it's eventually revealed she survived) was very a very emotional moment, and the people were very depressed to notice her absence.


Janet Gaynor won the very first Best Actress Award for playing the Wife (along with Diane in 7th Heaven and Angela in Street Angel.

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