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The Seven Dwarfs are titular central characters in the first Disney animated feature film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Why They Rock

  1. All of them have similar height and appearance, and yet they're still easy to tell apart from their separate outfits and personalities.
  2. They all have memorable portraits and traits that make them unique and special. For example...
    1. Grumpy has a thing for his apoplectic rages
    2. Dopey's known for his innocent silliness
    3. Doc usually befuddles his thoughts.
    4. Bashful’s got dreamy-eyed sentimentality.
  3. They all care for each other a lot and have a close relationship with each other. They're so close, it's been suggested they're all related to each other.
  4. They're all very funny characters (some more than others).
  5. Despite the dwarfs looking small, comical and helpless at first, they all proved they can be brave and tough when the time calls for it. This is shown when the Queen poisoned Snow White and the dwarfs immediately chased after her.

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