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The Komodo Brothers are the second boss in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back. They are a duo of komodo dragons who are created by Dr. Nitrous Brio and were sent by him to make sure Crash doesn't deliver the crystals to Dr. Neo Cortex.

Komodo Joe later appeared as the third boss in Crash Team Racing and an ulockable playable character, but why Moe wasn't with him is unknown.

Why They Rocks

  1. They are the first Crash Bandicoot bosses to be a two in one boss fight instead of just one character.
  2. Komodo Moe is the first underused character in the Crash Bandicoot series to have his own merchandise.
  3. Komodo Joe's way of speaking in CTR is homage to Kaa from The Jungle Book.
  4. They are a possible inspiration to Twist and Vinegar from the Shantae series.
  5. They have a unique boss fight.  Mainly because Joe would spin while Moe stands in one place and throw swords at Crash.
  6. Their cool arabic-inspired clothing.
  7. The opening of their boss fight has them tossing swords at each other and catching them.
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