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"You stay, I go... no following." -

Giant's final words to Hogarth.

The Iron Giant is the unnamed deuteragonist of the Warner Bros. animated cult classic film of the same name. He is a genial 50-foot tall autonomous "Metal Man" from another world that crash lands on Earth before becoming friends with a young boy named Hogarth who rescues him from his own internal defensive mechanism.

He is voiced (perfectly and memorably) by Vin Diesel. Ted

Why He Rocks

  1. Director Brad Bird pitched the idea for The Iron Giant (and essentially the premise of the character) entirely on the phrase: "What if a gun had a soul?"
  2. He learns that you are who you choose to be and uses his strength for good rather than destruction, proving to the world that he recognizes the value of human life.
  3. He enjoys playing with Hogarth pretending to be Superman with him and help make amazing, beautiful looking sculptures and art with Dean.
  4. While capable of incredible destructive powers and equipped with highly advanced and destructive weaponry, the Iron Giant would not ever want to harm anyone or any living thing.
  5. Vin Diesel did a phenomenal job voicing the Giant, fitting his towering, mysterious but metallic physique. His screaming and gravelly pitch are also quite memorable.
  6. His sound design is exceptional. With every motion of his metallic body, from his footsteps to simply moving his head in a different direction, are followed by a noticeably heavy noise.
  7. His solution to a loud, annoying car alarm? Throwing the entire car way like a football.
  8. Like every child in their lives, he learns the concept of life and death: through a hunter killing a deer. This incident causes Giant to denounce violence and death as a whole.
  9. His iconic sacrifice. He willingly shoots himself into space to stop a nuclear missile from obliterating Hogarth's home town, even if it meant his own death. His final thoughts are Hogarth telling him "you are what you choose to be".

Bad Qualities

  1. Post-bump on his head, he was quite dense and childish.


  • The Iron Giant is loosely based on the title character of The Iron Man, a 1968 novel by Ted Hughes.
    • The book served as the basis for the film.
  • He remains unnamed throughout the entire film, though he is referred to as "Giant" by numerous characters.
  • At night, his eyes are normally blue (a possible type of night vision) but then in the day, they turn yellow or white for a more normal type of vision to see regularly with the current light at hand.
  • In a rare twist of events, Giant returned to pop culture in the live-action film adaptation of Ready Player One, where he serves a mecha vehicle/custom avatar skin option for players in the OASIS.