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The Guru is a supporting character in the Sly Cooper franchise, appearing solely in Sly 3:  Honor Among Thieves.  After Murray leaves the gang between Sly 2 and Sly 3, supred on by Bentley's injury, which he blamed himel for, in an attempt to find his spiritual center, he met The Guru, who took him on as a pupil, teaching him the ways of the Dreamtime, the spiritual art that The Guru practices.  He's also the protector of The Mask of Dark Earth.  Once the Cooper Gang helps him rid his homeland of the miners destroying it, he agrees to join the Cooper Gang to help them out with the Cooper Vault job.  

Why He Rocks

  • He's extremely badass, despite his small size and pacifisit nature.  
  • Excellent voice acting.  
  • He can't attack enemies directly, which fits perfectly with his pacifistic nature.  
  • He can MIND CONTROL guards and TRANSFORM HIS BODY to blend in with his surroundings.  
  • His relationship with Murray is incredibly likable and charming.  
  • He's the first character to join the Cooper Gang since its three founders, Sly Cooper, Bentley, and Murray.  

Bad Qualities

  • There's no subtle in the game, so we have to just infer what The Guru is saying.  
  • He doesn't appear at all in Sly Cooper:  Thieves in Time; in fact, he's not even referenced, even in the tiniest of ways.  


  • The Guru is the first addition to the Cooper Gang after the founders.
  • The Guru and Penelope are the only members of the Cooper Gang that cannot attack alone. However, while mounting himself on a guard's back, he is able to utilize their weapons in combat to attack.
  • He was referred to as "the Shaman" during development. This can be seen as late as E3 2005, when he was referred to as the Shaman by the developers during demos. The credits also list him as the Shaman.
  • He is the only member to join the Cooper Gang not to have been, or become, an antagonist.
  • The Guru is the only member in the Cooper Gang that has not been in a boss fight; granted, he can't attack on his own.
  • He is also the only member who doesn't have a criminal record.
  • Throughout the entire game of Sly 3, the Guru speaks in a language unknown to the player. However, the entire Cooper Gang seems to understand his words.
    • This makes him one of two characters in the series to speak gibberish, the other one being Bob Cooper. However, although Bob is supplied with subtitles, the Guru is not, so the player is never able to understand anything the Guru says.
  • In the aftermath of Sly 3, it is said that the Guru is a teacher to a group of rockstars. This is a reference to The Beatles who met a guru teacher.
  • The Guru makes a cameo appearance in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. He appears as a hanging accessory inside Murray's binocucom and as a painting in the Paris safe house.[16]
  • A treasure that appears in the fifth episode of Thieves in Time implies that the Cooper Gang will meet the Guru again in the future.
  • An Opera of Fear is the only episode in Sly 3 in which he is not playable.
    • It is also one of two Sly 3 episodes where he is not playable on his own, along with Dead Men Tell No Tales.
  • A picture of the Guru clinging onto Murray's back during a walk is a reference to Star Wars. Yoda was seen clinging onto Luke Skywalker's back one time.
  • The Guru is the only member of the Cooper Gang never to be seen wearing any type of wristwear.
  • While he and Dimitri are the two additions to the Cooper Gang required to have their Binoc-U-Coms seen in gameplay, the Guru is the only one of them all that uses his for communication.  

All Appearances

  • Sly 3:  Honor Among Thieves (2005)