"Police Sergeant: How does the girl fit in this picture?

Sullivan: There's always a Girl in the picture. Haven't you ever been to the movies?"

― A police sergeant and John L. Sullivan about The Girl.

The Girl (real name unknown) is the deuteragonist of the 1941 comedy film Sullivan's Travels. She's a washed up former actress, who later became John Sullivan's companion and love interest.

She was portrayed by Veronica Lake.

Why She Rocks

  1. As part of the film's satire-like substance, she mainly serves as a play on the usual female companion in the movies.
  2. She's a very noble and loyal companion to John L. Sullivan who loves and cares about him, even moreso than Sullivan's actual greedy wife.
  3. Veronica Lake does a great performance of her character, which his pretty impressive considering this is her second lead role.
  4. Despite not getting a proper name, she has enough traits to make her compelling and interesting. She's surprising pretty responsible and independent despite her rough past.
  5. She has a couple of great comedic moments along with Sullivan, such as her tricking Sullivan and pushing him into his own pool, or anytime she disguises herself his a boy.
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