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"You ain't never had a friend like me."

Hey, there wiki users! My name is unspoken, just call me Genie. I'm the tritagonist Disney's 31th animated feature film, Aladdin and I'm a comedic larger than-life-spirit.

Why I Rock (pun intended)

  1. Thanks to my incredible performance in the film, I became a breakout character, and skyrocketed on the charts! Bam!
  2. I was played by a wonderful, wonderful man named Robin Williams himself who sadly passed away in 2014 :'(
    • Fortunately I rose again, this time in the form of a man named Will Smith.
  3. None of my dialogue was scripted; all of it was completely improvised! Shows how awesome my actor was, doesn't it?
  4. I'm a genie that bends magic on a regular basis, I'm missing a marble or two, which makes my relentless over-the-top personality nothing short of amazing!
  5. I have a habit of breaking the fourth wall, y'know like those other guys? I think their names were Deanpool, Twinkie Pie, and Nepetha Layjon, they're pretty cool!
  6. I may be all powerful, but I still have my limitations!
  7. I have a mighty fine singing voice!
  8. Most genies jack up people's wishes, and make them wish they never met them; but not this guy!


Disney's whole routine of three wishes from genies is older than you think. Aladdin is their fourth attempt. Here are the previous three:

  1. Used in the DuckTales episode "Master of the Djinni" with... well Djinni
  2. Used in the DuckTales special: Treasure of the Lost Lamp with Gene the Genie (pretty ironic right?)
  3. Used in the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers episode "A Lad in a Lamp"