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The Dear One is a main character in the Modern segment of the 1916 silent film Intolerance.

She was portrayed by Mae Marsh.

Why She Rocks

  1. She's one of the nicest and most upbeat characters throughout her film. She's usually polite to those around her. Like how she got The Boy to give up his criminal ways by seeing the good in him, then when the two of them married shortly afterward.
  2. She was a excellent and protective mother to her baby and a loving wife towards The Boy.
  3. She's not afraid to bring out her protective side when someone tries to harm any of her loved ones. As shown when the Uplifters tried to take her baby and she fought back and tried to protect the baby.
  4. She's had it pretty rough throughout the film, she and her father have to move away after cutbacks and a strike at the mill, she got married to The Boy who got framed and arrested for a crime, she gets left to raise her baby alone, she's accused of being a bad mother and had to witness her baby get taken away to an orphanage where the baby isn't even given proper care, nearly raped by the Musketeer, and her husband nearly got hanged. But despite all of that, she still managed to make the best of the situation and look on the good side of the situation.
  5. Her belief in God and her mourning over the dead show she has feelings for others as much as herself.
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