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The Blues are one of the main protagonists from the Angry Birds series. They are a trio of twins composed by Jay (the leader of the trio), Jake and Jim. Jay instructs and gives out plans for his brothers.

Why They're Cool

  1. They are an unseparable trio and know the power of teamwork very well.
  2. They are as effective against glass, ice and snow as Chuck is with wood.
  3. They all look up to the other birds, seeing them as role models or fellow pranksters (in Silver's case).
  4. Being the pranksters they are, they're really smart and good at figuring out situations.
  5. They can also be pretty intelligent and cunning, and use this feature to get out of situations they find themselves in.
  6. They are extremely gifted in constructing contraptions (usually to trick the pigs or the other birds).
  7. They're very cute looking, especially in the movie.
  8. Their Flash-like helmet from Space looks nice on them, much like the other birds' attire in the same game.
  9. They're usually friendly and loved by the other birds.
  10. Heljä Heikkinen and Lynne Guaglione are great at making them sound like the mischevious and full of energy kids that they are.
  11. While they are usually weak birds in comparison with the others, they are one of the strongest characters in Angry Birds Epic, being able to output as much damage as the likes of Bomb, mind you!

Bad Qualities

  1. They are a bit irresponsible, as seen in the Toons episodes like Double Take and Bomb's Awake.
  2. They can be rude to their friends at times.
  3. Because of their pranks, they usually get into trouble with the other birds.
  4. They were flanderized in the season 2 of Toons, where they became annoying troublemaking brats that also like to beat the pigs for fun.
  5. Being triplets, they are impossible to tell apart (aside from their different eye colors in the movie).


  • The Blues are the only characters in the flock to not have eyebrows. But there are rare situations like the cinematic trailer, where they do.
  • A concept of the Blues was made in 2008, showing the ability for birds to split. They and Red are the only known birds who were developed at that time.
  • The Blues' ability was never changed or even slightly modified in any slingshot-based Angry Birds game, not including the Blue Pilots' upgrade.
  • Jay was named "Jon" in an Angry Birds Comics as a typo. This also happened with Bomb, who was incorrectly named Bob in the Space Comic.
  • When playing games that use their chrome designs, the Blues will immediately turn into corpses once the player activates their ability regardless of whether or not they touch a surface.
  • Jay is the only bird in Angry Birds Evolution to have a super shot name reused from other birds.
  • The Blues are the second characters to receive their own piece of media, with the first being Stella with the Stella series.
  • Luca from Angry Birds Stella and the Blues are similar to each other, as they are both young blue birds who are effective against glass.
  • In Angry Birds Go!, they are the first (of the three characters) that can use their power three times, the second beeing Foreman Pig, and the third beeing Corporal Pig.