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Terence is a major character in the Angry Birds franchise. He's the biggest of the birds (not counting Bubbles when he inflates) and possibly the strongest one in the main flock (yes, even stronger than Bomb).

Why He's Great

  1. He's pratically Red on steroids: No special abilities, but able to break thought tons of blocks of any material.
  2. According to his Angry Birds Birdsonality description, he´s logical, level-headed, rational and has a keen analytical mind.
  3. Despite his thick outer shell, he has shown bits and pieces of emotion. Most notably in the Toons episodes Gardening with Terence (his debut episode in the show) and Run Chuck Run, where he briefly smiles.
  4. His singing in the end of the 1st Angry Birds movie. Also, this is where he's probably at his most expressive.
  5. He's also shown to have some sort of crush on Matilda, having even married her in the 2nd Angry Birds movie.
  6. He can somehow "teleport" (appear out of nowhere) without any type of warning (though the ground usually shakes when he walks).
  7. He's pretty menacing and intimidating, even for the other birds.
  8. While his quiet nature usually shuns him away from everyone, he's also surprised by how people are so irrational and emotional.
  9. In a similarish way to Shadow, he has quite a dark and twisted past, which is why he's mute and violent-looking.
  10. Unlike his friends, he wasn't flanderized at all in Angry Birds Toons Season 2.

Bad Qualities

  1. It's hard for the other flock members to bond with him, as he has never talked at all - just making deep grunting sounds. That's also the only personality trait he usually shows.
  2. Due to what's mentioned in WHG#8, he has gone a sinister route, commiting multiple crimes before being sent to court and doing anger management, and he doesn't even regret doing them (as seen in the 1st movie).
  3. He was a bit of a thorn in Matilda's side in Gardening with Terence.
  4. Not much is known about his past. Not even Toons and the movies show this.


  • Terence's spots are purple on his plush, rather than dark red.
  • He was first referred to by his proper name by Red in the Season's Greetings comic.
  • Terence used to make Red's pain noises (in low pitch) in Angry Birds Friends. This was later on changed.
  • He is the first bird to have a confirmed name.
  • He and the Blues are the only male birds in Angry Birds Toons to have a female voice performer. His sounds make him sound male though.
  • Terence acts like a gorilla in the cartoons and movie, hence why he growls.
  • In the Angry Birds 2 Terence trailer there was a typo it said "Terance" instead of Terence.