Tavros Nitram is one of the twelve Beta Trolls in Homestuck. His associated Zodiac Sign is Taurus, the 2nd sign represented by a Bull.

Why He Rocks

  1. Despite being mutual enemies, Tavros Nitram shows some affection towards Vriska Serket.
  2. Tavros Nitram has a really good friendship with Gamzee Makara, even if the latter is a villain and Tavros is neutral.
    • Coincidentially, both are based on Earth signs represented by ungulates (A bull and goat respectively).
  3. He also goes along well with Aradia Megido, and even by the time Tavros got parallyzed, they still got along very well.
  4. He has quite an innocent personality, as he isn't great at trolling and it's hard for him to hate anyone.
  5. Tavros was able to take Karkat Vantas's advice despite the latter being only "okay" with him.

Tavros Nitram while disabled.

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