Syndrome (aka Buddy Pine) is the main antagonist of the 2004 full-length computer animated Disney-Pixar film, The Incredibles. He is the arch-nemesis (and former #1 fan) of Mr. Incredible and is voiced by Jason Lee.

Why He Rocks

  1. Strangely enough, he didn’t start off as a villain, he actually wanted to become a hero and help Mr. Incredible fight crime.
  2. He, along with Edna Mode, are one of the most memorable characters in the Incredibles franchise.
  3. His costume design for both as Incredi-Boy and Syndrome are really cool and fit his personality very well.
  4. Even though he’s evil, he also has a bit of a quirky personality in him saying he’s still “geeking out“ about Mr. Incredible.
  5. He‘s been through some major character development, as he started off as an optimistic fanboy for Mr. Incredible and later on became a sadistic, heartless super villain who wants to rid of all the supers.
  6. He has a very justifiable and very deep reason to be who he currently is, as Mr. Incredible pushed him aside when he tried to help him out, which made him begin to despise the supers for looking down upon the non-supers (normal people) as weak, so he decided that if everyone’s super, no one will be.
  7. His death is very brutal and pretty much reminds viewers of Edna’s “No capes!” policy.
  8. He‘s also one of the darkest and most evil Pixar villains (along with Lotso and Ernesto de la Cruz).
  9. Ironically, his goal was to become a hero in the face of society,
  10. He makes a whole lot of cool, deadly gadgets that has tortured and killed many other supers in an attempt to strengthen up to fight Mr. Incredible.
  11. He’s a very cunning and sadistic supervillain.

Bad Quality

  1. As Incredi-Boy, his obsession over Mr. Incredible can get the better of him.
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