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Steven Anita Smith is the son of Francine and Stan Smith. Steve has an older sister Hayley. They reside at Langley Falls, Virginia. The family also includes a fish named Klaus and an alien named Roger.

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Why He Rocks

  1. He’s a good son to Stan Smith.
  2. His nerdy attitude is always nice.
  3. He has a great singing voice.
  4. Out of all the Smith characters, he is the most loyal.
  5. He cares more for others than himself.
  6. Scott Grimes does a great job voicing him.
  7. He is well animated like many of other Seth MacFarlane shows.
  8. He’s a lot more understanding then he appears to be.

Bad Qualities

  1. At times, he can be very unlikable.
  2. His awkward attitude is sometimes annoying.
  3. Seeing him bullied makes you feel bad for him.