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Crown Princess Stella is the Fairy of the Shining Sun. She is a creative, skilled artist who is Brandon's fiancée. Stella is Solaria's Guardian Fairy, as well as the sole heiress to the Solarian Royal Throne, signified by her status as keeper of the royal family ring. She is one of the founding members of the Winx Club and is an alumna of the Alfea College for Fairies. Though immature and even selfish at times, Stella cares for her fellow Winx and sees herself responsible for them all as sort of a big sisterly figure.


  • For Season 1 and most of Season 2, Stella has two hair strands hanging in the front and she wears a bright green halter top, an orange skirt with a thin golden belt adorned with matching gold medals, green sandals with orange suns just above her toes and a lilac-colored headband.
  • For Seasons 2 and 3, Stella wears a strapless, seafoam-green dress with pink stripes and a matching pink belt with a sparkly star-shaped buckle off to her left, and pink shoes platform heels with ribbons that flow freely near her ankles. She also wears a pair of pink hoop earrings with a green star on each and her headband is now pink rather than lilac.
  • For Season 4, Stella wears an orange tube dress with spiky white frills along both hems and small circular patterns that range from being in green, yellow, gold or white. She also wears a purple belt with a green star off to her left just under her chest, as well as green high heels with white socks that have a purple dotted pattern on them similar to her dress. Her bangs are now parted off to the side rather than how they were styled prior where they covered her forehead.
  • For Season 5, Stella's bangs are now swept to the left side and she has the same hair strands hanging in the front from Season 1. Her civilian outfit consists of a purple-and-orange layered dress that is fastened to her body by an orange necklace that ends in three gold stars, and knee high purple boots with orange ribbons wrapped over the half of her foot and around her ankles, ending in small bows just above her ankles. She also wears red star-shaped earrings and a purple headband with a lighter purple bow that rests on the right side of her head. Additionally, the purple sections of the dress (not counting the bow-like top) will be in zebra-print in some official stock art.
  • For Season 6, Stella wears a dark pink blazer with grey trim over a pale pink dress shirt with a grey bow tied around her neck and three small buttons along each cuff, a slate blue layered skirt with small white heart decorating it and a grey belt with pink buckle fastening the skirt to her waist, pink leggings and grey high heels with small pink bows on the toes. She also wears a grey plaid headband and her bangs are parted similarly to how they were originally back in the first three seasons.
  • For Season 7, Stella wears a short-sleeved, plaid pink top with dark blue cuffs over a pale pink dress shirt with a dark blue tie that has a small star pin in the middle, a dark orange belt and matching skirt that both have dark blue sections with buttons in them, orange knee-high socks with a pink hem and pink platform shoes with dark blue soles. She also wears purple star earrings and her hair is now tied up into a ponytail and held that way with a big pink bow that has dark blue stars on it.
  • For Season 8, Stella keeps her hair up in a ponytail with a blue bow (or purple in official artworks). She wears a purple long-sleeved coat with a lighter purple stitchmark pattern over a strapless pale purple dress with a dark purple dotted pattern and white frills along the topmost hem, brown leggings, and purple knee-high boots; the topmost section of the boots being a brighter purple with white frills along both ends and a small medallion around her neck.

World of Winx

Stella in her lime skirt outfit.

Stella's civilian look for both seasons of World of Winx consists of an ombre pink short-sleeve top over a white dress shirt with a light blue floral necklace, silver elbow-length fingerless gloves that are covered in pink sparkles, a light blue skirt, silver thigh-high socks that are covered in pink sparkles (much like her gloves), and pink open-toed high heels with tiny silver bows just above the opening. Occasionally, she can be seen wearing a small pink handbag with black beaded straps.


Although Stella is usually a proud and self-centered girl, she also cares deeply about her friends and family, not just herself. She will stick to the people she loves and do anything to keep them safe. Stella is not always seen wearing a smile on her face, but she does crack jokes to cheer her friends when they are depressed. Basically, Stella has a cheerful and optimistic personality.

Besides that, she is totally obsessed with fashion; which clothes look best on her, and which dresses match her face the best. Stella often gives fashion advice to people in Alfea, but this advice is often not taken well. She would rather flirt with Brandon than study and do work, which sometimes annoys the other girls. The most intuitive of all the members, Stella likes to match make but has often had problems with understanding why her friends do not always like getting set up.

However, despite her intuitions, Stella can be rather oblivious at times. She was sent to Alfea to become a stronger fairy, but this did not mean so much to her, though she did effectively become a fully accomplished fairy and a powerful one by fighting the first three season villains with the Winx. She uses her magic for anything, but she mostly wants to help her friends as deep inside she is a generous and helpful girl. Although she might disagree with her friends, Stella is very supportive and protective and will not hesitate to help them. She learns to accept that love and friendship are far more important than royalty, fashion, and shopping. Sometimes she hides her true personality because of her upbringing. In short, her cheerful exterior masks great sorrow.

Her signature color varies depending on season from:

  • Yellow-orange to bright orange (all seasons)
  • Various shades of blue (season 6-8) and pink (season 6-8)
  • Occasionally green (season 4)
  • Purple (seasons 5-8)

Winx Club


When Stella was younger, she had a totally different look where she wore a pair of white glasses and had some what messy hair. In "Win-X Together!", it was revealed that when she was younger she had a crush on some boy called Robby, but he had a crush on the prettiest girl in her old class, Kimberly. Stella cast a spell on Kimberly so she could not go to the school dance, but instead, Robby spent the whole night taking care of Kimberly and holding her hand, which upsets Stella. Later as time went on, Stella and a little puppy of hers were on a scavenger hunt to find a rare plant but instead, she found a special tree which leads to a secret tunnel and tied a ribbon to it so she knew which tree it was, and it became very handy for her and later, for the Winx. When Stella first went to Alfea, she accidentally destroyed the potions lab, an action that got her expelled but, readmitted.

World of Winx

As revealed in the Season 2 episode "Mermaids on Earth," Stella had endured a childhood of being bullied by a majority of her classmates. No matter how hard she tried to make people like her to make friends, her classmates continued to bully and ostracize her.


In Issue 150, it is revealed that she made friends with a girl named Astrid while in daycare. One day, Astrid's grandfather, a wizard named Atar came to their daycare, where he was introduced as the greatest magic lights champion of all time and showcased his abilities to her class.

Magical Abilities

Stella, as the Fairy of the Sun and Moon/Fairy of the Shining Sun, has Sun-based and Moon-based powers. Stella's attacks are mainly based around light and heat, which can be explained by her connection to the Sun. Stella can throw blasts of sunlight energy and can make balls of solar heat, which occasionally have the ability to burns things. She can concentrate her energy to make herself glow brightly in dark places. Stella can create streaks of solar energy and is able to create explosions of sunlight that can leave the opponent temporarily blind as demonstrated in "Face to Face with the Enemy" and "The Wizards' Attack". She can shape her magic into barriers and shields, which can prove useful. Due to Stella being from Solaria, she is majorly affected by the Sun. She gains her energy from the sun and is heavily weakened when in very dark places or underground. Stella has also shown the ability to control her own and others reflection(s) to make their appearance similar to others, as demonstrated in "Layla's Choice". Her magic is yellow in color. She has the Ring of Solaria which allows for her focus on her energy allowing it to be used as a light source. Stella is capable of teleporting herself and others in a flash of light as demostrated in "An Unexpected Event" where she teleports herself, Bloom, Mike and Vanessa to Alfea with the latter being teleported back home. As, while she is seen using her scepter to teleport large groups de-transformed (The Black Willow's Tears), while transformed (Fury!) the most people she can teleport all together is 9. As, seen in At the Last Moment she is able to teleport herself(while transformed) multiple times without tiring herself out. During the events of Queen for a Day she is able to summon a group of witches in a blinding flash of light as well as teleport the Winx, herself, and Timmy to Zenith in A Monster Crush both without the use of her scepter. Stella has the ultimate ability to manipulate solar or lunar light, and the power stars. Her element of light, specializes in sight and clarity to give others the ability to see the truth in front of them as seen in Nebula she was able to sense Roxy's impurity when she was possessed by Nebula and in Season 7 Stella's Butterflix Power is able to restore purity. Since her powers are derived from celestial objects she is able to manipulate cosmic forces. Stella has also shown minor abilities of generating minor weather phenomena. She is able to create rain storms, part the clouds, and even manipulate cosmic weather such as solar winds, storms, and flares that are able to help plants grow, melt ice, and even burn things. She demonstrated the ability of generating a rainbow in Season 2 and also manipulating colors in "The Lilo" and "A Magix Christmas". Stella also knows some basic, first-level spells that all fairies can use, such as telekinesis, transmuting objects, and fixing minor messes. Stella is a very talented fashion designer as she is often seen conjuring various fabrics(as well as complete outifts) even utilizing this skill to open a fashion boutique inside her dorm room "The Legendarium".


  • Stella's name is derived from the Latin and Italian word for star, in reference her powers, which themselves are derived from celestial objects such as the sun, moon and stars.
    • Her parents, Radius and Luna, further play into this as being physical representations of the sun and moon to Stella's star.


Main article: Inspirations and References
  • According to Iginio Straffi, creator of the Winx Club series and franchise, Stella's appearance was modeled on the retired actress Cameron Diaz[1].
  • Stella being ambushed by the servants of the Trix at the beginning of the first season is what led to the start of the events of Winx Club. This might have been inspired by how the Star Wars story started with the Princess Leia Organa being ambushed by Darth Vader.


  • Stella is the first fairy to transform in the series.
  • Stella was Miss Solaria for a record 12 consecutive turns.
    • She is also the only one of the Winx to appear in every episode thus far.
  • Stella's main voice actress for the 4Kids dub was credited using an alias that changed each season (Mary Stout, Su Meredith, and Grace Shepard, respectively). In fact, her voice sounds similar to actress Kim Cattrall from the Cinélume dub.
  • According to a book titled "English with Winx," Stella's address and, subsequently, the location of the Royal Palace is 7 Rainbow Street.
  • The hairband Stella wears in her Harmonix form is similar to the hat worn by Andrina, one of Ariel's sister from Disney film The Little Mermaid. Both also have blonde hair.
    • Additionally, the ribbons that make up Stella's Harmonix sandals and, later, her Sirenix thighs, are of the same color as Andrina's mermaid tail.
  • Both Stella and Aisha are 17 at their first appearances, though, if Aisha had been present during the first season, she would have been 16 like the rest of the Winx, and Stella would remain as the oldest member.
  • Stella's opposite is most likely Darcy as Stella is open and sociable whereas Darcy is more withdrawn and tends to keep to herself.
    • Power-wise, Stella controls light which, according to Faragonda in "Win-x Together," specializes in sight and clarity to give others the ability to see the truth in front of them, whereas Darcy controls darkness and specializes in confusing and deceiving others until they are no longer able to see the truth in front of them.
  • Stella is typically seen with Bloom and Flora more than any of the other girls.
  • Stella and Bloom are also the only characters who remain relatively unchanged when comparing concept designs.
  • Ironically, Stella is acrophobic (scared of heights), despite the fact that she typically flies around with ease in her various transformations.
    • She also holds a fear and hatred of spiders which she shares with her bonded pixie, Amore.
  • Stella's favorite hobbies are shopping, dressing up, and designing fashion.
    • She also realizes her dream of becoming a fashion designer by Season 6.
    • In World of Winx, her work as an up-and-coming fashion designer is treated more seriously than in Winx Club, where it is simply played for laughs.
  • Over the course of the series, Stella has suffered several body mutations:
    • In the Season 3 episode "Valtor's Mark", she was turned into a monster by Chimera.
    • Later that same season in "The Crystal Labyrinth", her face is turned into a doodle after giving up her looks for the Water Stars.
    • Although this is not a mutation, she is de-aged in the Season 5 episode "The Gem of Empathy."
  • Stella had three childhood designs:
    • One in Season 2, where she wore glasses and looked like a typical nerd,
    • Another in Season 3, where she was more formal.
      • This specific design of hers resembles that of Cindy Vortex from the Jimmy Neutron movie and shorts.
    • And one during Season 5, where she looked like a somewhat ordinary 3-5 year old girl in her civilian outfit for that season.
  • Stella's highlights in 3D transformations are in pink, but they are in purple in 2D.
  • Throughout the animation, Stella’s eye color changes in hue; sometimes they are golden-brown, sometimes they are regular dark brown, and sometimes they are bright gold.
  • In the episode "The Princess Ball," Stella tries on a dress that looks similar to the redesign of her Princess of Solaria dress in the Nickelodeon Specials.
  • Stella's Nickelodeon voice actress, Amy Gross, also voices Caramel.
  • Stella is the only member of the Winx that does not have a named Sirenix spell that is released from the leg.
  • Stella is the fifth Winx member to be turned evil, as shown in "Queen for a Day" when she is hypnotized by Selina's Magic Mirror.
    • The first was Bloom as shown in Season 2 when she is corrupted by Lord Darkar.
    • The second was Roxy in "Nebula" when she was possessed by Nebula.
    • The third was Tecna in "The Sirenix Book" when she was turned into a robot.
    • The fourth was Musa in "Secret of the Ruby Reef" when she was turned into a monster by Tritannus.
  • Stella's wings in her Sirenix transformation are turned upside down.
  • Stella is the only fairy to wear boots in her Mythix form.
    • Mythix is also the first transformation where all her hair is loose.
    • If World of Winx is taken into consideration, Dreamix would be the second.
  • Stella is the only Winx member to turn right during their Butterflix transformation.
  • Stella and Bloom are the only Winx to have a sleeveless uniform in Season 7.
  • Rebecca Soler, who voices Stella in the DuArt dub, also voiced Tecna in Season 3 for the 4Kids dub.
  • In The Mystery of the Abyss, it is implied that Stella is a fan of Justin Bieber.
  • Stella is very creative that all of her friends always ask her some tips and advice on how to match clothes and accessories.
  • Stella's motto is: "Following fashion can be fun... but creating a unique style is even more fun!!!"
  • Even though Stella has the same amount of comic-only love interests as Bloom and Aisha, both never graduate from being simple infatuations and are usually left unrequited on Stella's end.
    • Although she and Joel might have fallen for each other, the two maintain more of a friendly relationship with the other until they stop hanging out all together.
    • Stella's small crush on Paul also went completely unrequited as he was in love with her friend, Jessie.
  • Stella is one of the characters in the show who has broken the fourth wall but, unlike the others, she has broken it more than once.
    • At the very end of "The Gem of Empathy", she says "What did I say?" to the audience.
    • In "Banana Day", she pushes aside a screen-sized image of herself when the Mega Lemur envisions her as his love interest.
    • Other characters who have broken the fourth wall include Icy, Darcy, Ogron and, in World of Winx, Bloom.
  • As revealed in "Mermaids on Earth" and "Fashion School Thrills", Stella's weakness is her fear of not being loved, being ridiculed, and being left alone or deserted.
    • It seems as though Stella experiences a completely different childhood in World of Winx than she did in the main series.
  • As mentioned in "Queen for a Day", Stella hates mazes.
  • Along with Bloom, Stella is one of the two Winx members to have her signature color (and sometimes pink) in every one of her transformations.
    • Onyrix is her first transformation in which she wears teal.
  • Stella's Cinélume voice actor, Jennifer Seguin, also voices Jolly.
  • Stella's DuArt voice actor, Jessica Paquet, also voices Rose Cinderella from Regal Academy, another show created by Rainbow.
    • Coincidentally, Rose Cinderella bears some resemblance with Stella and they are both into fashion, especially shoes for Rose's case.
  • In Season 8, like with other Winx, Stella's catchphrase is "Showtime/Showtime, girls!".