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Stella is a minor character from the Angry Birds series and the main protagonist of the Angry Birds Stella series. She was introduced in the Back to School episode of Angry Birds Seasons.

Why She Rocks

  1. Like the Blues, she's childish, but cunning.
  2. She's very energetic and brave.
  3. Similar to Bubbles, she was beloved enough (and even more so actually) to appear in the main game.
  4. While on topic, her spinoff series flesh her out more, depicting her as a bit older and with more intense hobbies, such as parkour and rock-climbing.
  5. Both her abilites of bubble blowing and flash (extra emphasis on this one) are helpful in a pinch.
  6. While she was a bit weak in the original game and in Rio, she got buffed in Stella, becoming stronger and gaining the Pink Flash.
  7. While she usually goes off on her own, she almost always comes back to the flock to help them when the eggs are in trouble.
  8. She looks cool in her Princess Leia attire in Angry Birds Star Wars. And like the other birds, she gets a new ability in the game, where she pulls structure pieces.
  9. Her design is a good mix of adorable and cool.

The Only Bad Qualities

  1. She was advertised to be in Angry Birds Toons, and yet she's nowhere to be seen.
  2. As mentionde in WSR#6, she used to be somewhat weak.


  • In the Back to School trailer, Stella is shown to use a bubble stick to produce bubbles, however, this stick is nowhere in the game itself.
  • In the Angry Birds: Hatching a Universe book, it is revealed she went through many changes in development, she was once considered having a blue color. She also resembled many anime characters and the Powerpuff Girls as said in the book.
  • Stella's plush also reveals she once was a much more temperate shade of pink, while currently, she is a light shade of pink.
  • She's the second bird to be confirmed female at her release. The first is Matilda due to laying eggs with her ability.
  • Stella is the first Angry Bird to sport an actual eye color other than black (blue).
  • Along with Matilda, Hal, Tony, Silver, and the Ice Bird and her flock, she doesn't have a sp
  • Stella appears at the start of the Angry Birds Toons Trailer but does not appear in the actual TV Series.
  • The name "Stella" means "star" in Latin. The "star" translation was also stated in the Angry Birds Stella Interactive Annual 2015.
  • She is the only bird to have a consistent soundtrack. It can be heard through the beginning of the episode The Storm, A Fork In A Friendship and Pop The Top in Angry Birds POP!. Another version of her soundtrack can be heard here.
  • For the Angry Birds Movie, early concept art for Stella from The Art of The Angry Birds Movie suggested that she would have a large tail. In the film's final cut, she was given a much smaller one.
  • In the canceled Agri Birds, she was in a bigger relationship with Gale, probably as best friends.
  • When she was first added in Angry Birds 2, there was a glitch where after beating a boss level, Stella would look in the wrong direction during the cutscene where the next boss pig makes his escape with the Eggs. This glitch has been fixed.
  • Since the newer updates of Angry Birds Friends!, when she was launched from a slingshot, she uses Hal's launch voice (primarily used in Angry Birds Seasons and since the newer updates for Angry Birds Classic, and Angry Birds Rio) for some reason.