"That's not something you see everyday." Peter Venkman's reaction.

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The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is a secondary antagonist in the original Ghostbusters film. He was originally a vessel used by Gozer the Destructor to destroy the world in Ghostbusters but shortly became a series icon with appearances in the Ghostbusters franchise like the video game and even the controversial Ghostbusters (2016).

Why He Rocks

  1. Along with the Ghostbusters logo, the image of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man has become one of the most recognizable emblems of the franchise.
  2. He was subtly foreshadowed in the original film with graffiti, billboard advertisements, and even a bag of marshmallows with his face on it.
  3. Although mean and destructive at first, he later befriends Slimer and the Ghostbusters in the animated series The Real Ghostbusters, and helps them out with various problems.
  4. The special effects used to create his iconic design was impessive especially for 1987. It required using miniatures, optical compositing, and a latex suit made of two layers, an outer flammable layer and inner fire-proof layer.
  5. He has varied in the series from a villain to a hero but rarely displayed the same level of malevolence as it did in the original film - perhaps due to the fact that it was no longer fully controlled by Gozer, the most noticeable examples being in The Real Ghostbusters.
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