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Squall Leonhart is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII. A young and aloof SeeD mercenary, others view him as cold and focused until he begins to question the way he has chosen to live his life. Squall's weapon, the gunblade, is one of the iconic weapons of the Final Fantasy series. Squall is later given the title Commander (委員長, Iinchō?, lit. Chairman).

Why He Rocks

  1. Probably one of the most iconic characters in video game history .
  2. His design is pretty badass.
  3. despite being edgy he actually does care about his comrades.
  4. His rivalry with Seifer Almasy.
  5. His relationship with Rinoa Heartilly.
  6. Both David Boreanaz (Kingdom Hearts), Doug Erholtz and Hideo Ishikawa dose a good job voicing him.

Bad Qualities

  1. He can be unlikable at times
  2. He can be aloof, whiny and annoying at times.