• Peter Parker (better known as Spider-Man) is the main protagonist in the Marvel Comics franchise. He is the central character in the comic series of the of same name.

Why It Rocks

  1. He's one of the most iconic characters and superheroes in all of Marvel Comics, and comic books in general. He is also one of the most iconic and recognizable characters of all time
  2. The same way the X-Men had to deal with becoming outcasts due to being seen freakish mutants and the Fantastic Four had to deal with dysfunctional relationships between each other, Peter's got real life problems to deal with that makes him easy to relate to such having to deal with such as having to balance his superhero life with his normal life
  3. His character broke new ground back in the 60s and proved to the world that teenage heroes didn't have to be sidekicks to adult superheroes (ex: Bucky Barnes from Captain America or Robin from Batman), as Peter has managed to learn on his own about how he had to use his newfound powers for non-selfish uses.
  4. The concept of having a hero with the power to sense danger before it happens and quickly react to said danger is a pretty smart concept.
  5. As previously stated, he's completely sensitive, caring and responsible in his crime-fighting and looks out for anyone in need of certain aid, mainly because he didn't want those people the suffer the same tragedy he had suffered.
  6. He's very smart and intelligent as shown when managed to create a set of web shooters that would go along with his other spider-like powers.
  7. His creator, Stan Lee, said that he is his favorite superhero, Because he has the most loved
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