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Snow White is the titular character and protagonist of Walt Disney's first ever animated feature-length film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She is a young princess who is considered the "Fairest of The Land". She is voiced by Adrianna Caselloti.

Why She Rocks

  1. She is the first ever Disney Princess as well as the first Disney character to get a full-length film.
  2. Her beauty and kindness are so magnificent that even her own stepmother has begun to grow jealous of her,
  3. She is incredibly kind, loving and sweet.
  4. Her appearence is both innocent, beautiful and excessively angelic, which really reflects her personality very well.
  5. She’s always willing to find the good in people, no matter how bitter, rude or evil they are. Such as with Grumpy.
  6. She has an amazing singing voice and Andriana Caselotti does a breath-taking job voicing her.
  7. Even when the Evil Queen forces her to wear rags and work as servant, she still manages to keep a calm, positive and optimistic attitude.
  8. She has a great relationship and is a wonderful “motherly figure” towards The Seven Dwarfs, especially Grumpy and Dopey.
  9. She is great at cooking and cleaning.
  10. She has been given the label, “The Fairest in the Land” and it’s perfect to see why.