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Smurfette (original French name Schtroumpfette) is one of the main characters of the ''Smurfs'' comic book series and cartoon show. Smurfette was originally created by Gargamel, which explains her original position as the only female Smurf in the village.

Why She Rocks

  1. Her massive popularity, led to become the true main protagonist of the entire franchise.
  2. Even though she was being created by the evil warlock, Gargamel, this doesn’t stop her from trying be like all the other real Smurfs.
  3. Her tomboyishness is very cute.
  4. She can be very cute, perky, playful, kind, sweet, adventurous and optimistic.
  5. Her design is both adorable and beautiful.
  6. Much like Shrinkin' Violette of The Funny Company, she does her many funny moments, while she had her some heartwarming moments.
  7. Her dream of being the new leader of the Smurfs, is so heartwarming.
    • At the end of Smurfs: The Lost Village, she is extremely happy that she finally became the new leader of the Smurfs.
  8. She’s the most popular Smurf character in the entire franchise, as well as the cutest Smurf.
  9. Despite not being a real Smurf, she and all the others consider herself a real one like she’s truly one of them.
  10. She’s also willing to face life-threatening conflicts to save her friends, as shown in Smurfs: The Lost Village where she literally sacrificed her own life to save all the other Smurfs.
  11. She became famous among her many fans, as well as these young boys.
  12. Many of the voice actresses through the years did a great job voicing her, especially Lucille Bliss.
  13. But a lump of clay remains of an even larger Smurfette has been found. The neck and shoulder bones of two Smurfette found on April 6, 2020, suggest an animal that stood 17 meters tall. This giant has been call Giant Smurfette. And yet she had a gigantic sister call Colossal Smurfette seems to have been even larger. the remains of this girl Smurf literally 18 meters tall that may have weighed as much as 130 tons.


  1. Much like Beverly Marsh from Stephen King’s IT, she has the trope of being the only female in her group and having almost every male character attracted to her.