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Sig is a supporting character in the Jak & Daxter franchise.  He was first introduced in Jak II, as a wastelander working for Krew, and forms a friendship with Jak and Daxter.  By the end of the game he starts to hate Krew, and is pissed that Jak killed him before he could get to him.  In Jak 3, it was revealed that he was actually from Spargas City, and was a spy in Haven working for Damas.  By the end of that game, after Damas' death, he becomes the new King of Spargas City.  In Jak X:  Combat Racing, he reunites with the characters to help them race in the Kras City Grand Championship against Mizo's crime syndicate.  

Why He Rocks

  • He's one of the most interesting characters in the entire series, as he clearly seemed to have some sort of vendetta against Haven City, that went beyond just the fact that Baron Praxis was once the leader.  
  • Extremely badass.  
  • Amazing voice acting by famous voice actor Phil LaMarr.  
  • Very funny.  
  • His Peace Maker is WAY cooler than Jak's, it's longer, and it's strongest attacks are way bigger.  

Bad Qualities

  • Even though he is made very interesting in Jak 3, they should have gone more in depth with his past, a lot of that intrigue isn't paid off well.  
  • His two escort missions in Jak II can be extremely annoying.