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"I just moved here, and I wanna try every new thing I can!"

Sid Chang is the best friend of Ronnie-Anne in The Loud House spin-off series, The Casagrandes. She is a down to earth tomboy who moves in the same apartment where Ronnie and her family live.

She is voiced by Leah Mei Gold.

Why She Rocks

  1. Not only is she down to earth but she embraces the fact that she's imperfect. Making her likable and relatable at the same time.
  2. She's a bit eccentric and nerdy, but her energy and excitement make her really endearing.
  3. She makes very excellent bird calls that any bird will come to wherever she's at.
  4. She instantaneously became popular from her first episode of The Loud House, "Friended with the Casagrandes."
  5. She has the most appealing design of any character in the Loud House universe.
  6. She stands by Ronnie-Anne's side no matter how crazy things get.
  7. Diverse representation. She's part Asian. Her eyes even indicate that fact,
  8. She proves to be an excellent big sister to her little sister.