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"Can I still keep the costume? Ow! That hurt! Maybe, it’s worn off by now. Ow! That hurt! Ow! That hurt!"

Sheen Juarrera Estevez is a major character from the Jimmy Neutron franchise and the tritagonist of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. Known for his obsession with the superhero Ultra Lord, he is one of Jimmy's best friends and Libby's boyfriend.

Why He Rocked

  1. Sheen was a dumb-minded, yet hilarious and likable character who can be somewhat aware of his actions & conjectures at times.
  2. He always tries to look on the bright side of problems at times, comforting Jimmy in those situations.
  3. He cares about his planet as much as his friends do, and is always there to help them defeat threats and save the day.
  4. He is very loyal to his friends and family, like his dad and his friends Jimmy and Carl, and is always there for them.
  5. He had a good relationship with Libby, and he also learns from her about his mistakes.
  6. He has many hilarious moments, like when he drank Jimmy’s sour liquid and his face was super puckered from the sourness, and when he got along with the pre-historic birds when he and his friends were in the past.
  7. He has a good character design.
  8. Jeff Garcia did a great job voicing him.

Bad Qualities

  1. He was horribly flanderized in Planet Sheen, becoming an annoying and immature idiot.
    • Also, he was unlikable and annoying in the infamous episode, "Carl Wheezer, Boy Genius", as he was a huge jerk to Jimmy along with Carl, and doesn’t let him explain the truth that Carl isn’t a genius.
  2. His lack of intelligence can sometimes cause trouble around him and others, even before he was fully flanderized.
  3. While his design looks good, it’s also kind of ugly.


  • Sheen was actually going to be Japanese, but since nobody could do anything Japanese-sounding, he was changed to Mexican. Ironically, the Mexican dub made him Japanese.