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Shannon is a recurring antagonist in OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes and a boss in it's video game, OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo. She is a robot henchman and enforcer for her creator and father, Lord Boxman, and is an employee and his store, Boxmore. Shannon is an arrogant robot who often feuds with her brother Darrell, over who can earn the appreciation and admiration of their father and constantly attacks Lakewood Plaza Turbo to accomplish such goal.

Why She Rocks

  1. Despite Shannon having been fighting with her brother, Darrell for sometime and is his rival, she actually loves Darrell deep down inside and cares for him, but is too stubborn and pompous to truly admit it to him and vice versa.
  2. She is extremely antagonistic, unfriendly, and hostile towards the heroes of the plaza and constantly fights them, but only so she can become the favorite child of her creator. 
  3. In "Stop Attacking the Plaza", it is shown that she enjoys playing with her siblings when she is not fighting heroes.
  4. Her adorable, temporary relationship with Radicles after a series of events in "Rad Likes Robots?".
  5. She also tries to help her father, Lord Boxman, in many ways, In "Stop Attacking the Plaza", she helps him by distracting him from attacking the plaza.
  6. She is amazingly voiced by talented voice-over artist Kari Wahlgren.

Bad Qualities

  1. Since Shannon is so spoiled, she tends to have an obnoxious behavior to match.
  2. She is extremely narcissistic and loves being the center of attention. In her room, she has countless pictures of herself and pillows with "S" to symbolize her name. Another example of her vanity is in "Dendy's Power" when she sabotages the other POW cards so everyone would pay attention to her.


  • Shannon was the third robot of Lord Boxman's design to be introduced to the cast, after Darrell and Ernesto, in that order.
  • She is also the first female robot shown.