Johnathan Cross (simply known as Cross or Sgt. Cross) is a secondary antagonist in EA Black Box's 2005 racing game Need for Speed: Most Wanted. He also re-appears in Carbon as a minor antagonist.

Why He Rocks

  1. He's one of the most iconic characters and most beloved antagonists in the entire Need for Speed series.
  2. Great voice acting, with the courtesy of Chris Williams. And his portrayal by Dean McKenzie really fits the character as well.
  3. His Chevrolet Corvette C6.R/Z06 looks cool (complete with a unique, aggressive-looking livery), even compared to the protagonist's BMW M3 GTR.
  4. He makes a short cameo in Need for Speed: Payback during the Covert Courier mission through a voice recording where he's disturbed about the Fortune Valley Police Department's corruption before resigning back to Rockport. And even better, Chris Williams reprises his role!
  5. His Leon: The Professional's "EVERYONE!" reference before the player escapes Rockport has become an internet meme. Even in a much more bigger extent than the former.

Bad Qualities

  1. Hypocrisy. His Corvette C6.R is, technically, a non-street legal car along with the BMW M3 GTR. Oddly enough, the C6.R is replaced with a Z06 in Carbon instead (in which the latter is street legal).
  2. While he's a likeable antagonist, Cross may have commited some atrocities such as deliberately scratching the player's M3 GTR with car keys in the intro, using him as an unwitting pawn (since it's revealed that Mia is a undercover cop) in order to take down the Blacklist and causing alot of damage much as an average street racer (even when working as a bounty hunter in Carbon).
  3. His voice when appearing as an AI during the pursuits is somewhat garbled due to the radio chatter and sounds a bit different than in the life-action cutscenes. Also in-game, he's a reskin of a regular Federal Cruiser AI with a much higher amount of bounty earned when wrecked.
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