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“It’s a dinglehopper!”

Scuttle is a seagull who is a close friend of Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder and a major protagonist in the 1989 animated full-length Disney film, The Little Mermaid. He is voiced by Buddy Hackett in the animated version and will be voiced by Awkwanifa in upcoming live-action remake where he’ll be switched to female.

Why He Rocks

  1. He’s a very solid, hilarious and unforgettable protagonist.
  2. His dimwitted and silly behavior makes him even more of a likable character.
  3. Buddy Hackett does an amazing job at providing his voice.
  4. He’s a good friend towards Ariel and all the other creatures in the ocean.
  5. He’s also basically the reason why Ariel combs her hair with a fork (or as they call it a “Dinglehopper”).
  6. He’s willing to help those in need, such as how he exposes Vanessa/Ursula for rigging her promise to Ariel.
  7. He’s got many hilarious moments throughout the Little Mermaid movie franchise.
  8. He shares many memorable lines throughout the film, like the famous “It’s a dinglehopper.” line.
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