"Hee-Hee-Hee." -Schwi's attempt at giggling.

Üc207Pr4f57t9, nicknamed Schwi Dola (Japanese: シュヴィ, Shuvi Doura) is the main female protagonist in the 2017 Japanese film No Game No Life Zero. She looks like a young human but with several differences, being two tails coming out from her back and other machine-like features protruding from around her body. She bears many similarities with Shiro.

Schwi was the first Ex-Machina to be introduced in Tet's story. In the story, she seeks to understand the human heart and was found by Riku.

Why She Rocks

  1. She has a very unique design. Essentially, riding the line between cutesy, mellow-colored anime girl and gritty, realistic cybernetics.
  2. Before she made proper contact with humans, Schwi's behavior was similar to that of a stereotypical artificial intelligence, in which she could absorb and process data and intelligence very quickly and act in the appropriate manner - a unique characteristic of her race.
    • However, she seemed to have difficulty in comprehending emotions and desires, otherwise characterized by her as the heart. Over time spent with Riku, she seemed to have started to develop her own heart. Her expressions and feelings became more vivid over time.
  3. All her voice actors did phenomenal jobs portraying her and fit her reserved, softspoken personality, especially her Japanese and English voice actors, Ai Kayano and Caitlyn French, repsectively.
  4. Despite her petite, seemingly weak physique, she is incredibly athletic, powerful, and .
    1. She nonchalantly cut apart a large boulder, ripping out a few iron plates, lifted a large metal door ten times her height over her head (to Riku's horror), and destroyed an Elven library.
    2. She is also incredibly fast as seen when she was able to travel with Riku on her back from the colony to the destroyed Elf city in half a day when traveling by horseback would have taken five days (without the use of magic, in which case it would have taken several minutes according to her).
  5. Similar to a certain crimson sorceress and her android boyfriend, her relationship with Riku is very heartwarming; a loving tale of growth, learning, and comical mishaps, despite her being a machine and Riku, a full-blooded human. They even got married!
  6. After setting her personality to mimic that of a "shy Imanity survivor", and spending a year around Riku's colony, she was unable to reset her personality back to the default monotonous mannerisms of the Ex-Machina, stating that she was "stuck" in that mode. She was basically stuck being shy.


  • Her voice actress Ai Kayano, who also voices Shiro, voiced Mashiro Shiina from The Pet Girl of Sakura Hall, Darkness from Konosuba, and Alice Zuberg from Sword Art Online: Alicization.
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