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"I first battled the Metroids on planet Zebes. It was there that I foiled the plans of the Space Pirate leader, Mother Brain, to use the creatures to attack galactic civilization... I next fought the Metroids on their homeworld, SR388. I completely eradicated them, except for a larva which, after hatching, followed me like a confused child... I personally delivered it to the galactic research station at Ceres so scientists could study it's energy-producing qualities... The scientists findings were astounding! They discovered that the powers of the Metroid might be harnessed for the good of civilization! Satisfied that all was well, I left the station to seek a new bounty to hunt. But, I had hardly gone beyond the asteroid belt when I picked up a distress signal! Ceres station was under attack!!"

Samus Aran, Super Metroid

Samus Aran (サムス・アラン - Samusu Aran) is the main protagonist of the Metroid series. She's an intergalatic bounty hunter who was adopted by the Chozo after her parents were killed by Ridley.

Why She Rocks

  1. She's Nintendo's very first female hero, as well as one of the first female protagonists in gaming.
  2. Her Boxing Ring title in Smash 4 and Ultimate says it all: "Bounty Hunter Extraordinaire".
  3. Her backstory is probably one of the darkest in Nintendo history.
  4. Like every other hero, she's filled to the brim with courage, willpower, determination and selflessness.
  5. She has defeated countless evil space monsters during her journeys.
  6. Despite having PTSD due to her parents being murdered, she hardly ever backs away from danger (more on this later).
  7. She was chosen to be one of the playable characters of the original Super Smash Bros. That's how iconic she is.
  8. Speaking of iconic, her enmity with Ridley is just as popular as Mario and Bowser, or Link and Ganondorf.
  9. She offered herself to save the Luminoths from getting extinct in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.
  10. Her motherly relationship with the Baby Metroid.
  11. She has a superhuman agility, thanks to her Chozo DNA as well as her 11-year training. (she started as a 3-YEAR OLD, MIND YOU!)
  12. Alésia Glidewell and Jessica Erin Martin did great at voicing her.
  13. She's had several cameos in other Nintendo games. Mario RPG, Tetris DS and Kirby Super Star to name a few.

Bad Qualities

  1. She was pretty out of character in Metroid: Other M. For starters, she was scared of Ridley even though she fought him dozens of times and always came out on top. What the hell?
  2. Back in the day, there was no way to tell Samus' gender aside from a hundred percenting the game.
  3. For whatever reason, she wasn't playable in Metroid Prime: Federation Force.
  4. Her death scream in Metroid Prime can be a real nightmare fuel depending on your view. It doesn't help that the voice actor/actress behind said scream is only known as "VM". (Listen at your own risk.)


  • Samus was based on Ellen Ripley, from the Alien series.
  • As mentioned in BQ#4, it's unknown who recorded the Metroid Prime death scream, but rumors state that it was either Jennifer Hale or Vanessa Marshall, another voice actress with plenty of video game roles (hence the VM).
  • As mentioned in WSR#1, she was one of the first women to be a game protagonist, but not THE first. This title belongs to Toby Masuyo owned by Namco, also known as "Kissy".
  • Her voice actress, Alesia Glidewell, also voices Krystal from the Star Fox franchise.