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Samos Hagai is one of the main supporting charaters in the Jak & Daxter series.  He appears in person in Jak & Daxter:  The Precursor Legacy, (2001), Jak II, (2003), Jak 3, (2004), Jak X:  Combat Racing, (2007), and Jak & Daxter:  The Lost Frontier, (2010), and appears in the beginning of Daxter, (2008), as the narrator.  He was the caretaker of Daxter and Jak, and the father of Keira.  

Why He Rocks

  • One of the funniest characters in the entire series, especially in the first game.  
  • While he's not nearly as funny in Jak II, his younger self is still able to get some laughs here and there.  In the third act of the game, when the older version and the younger version finally meet, their interactions are arguably the funniest moments in the entire game.  
  • He clearly cares about those around him, especially about his daughter, Keira.  
  • HIs lvoe for his daughter is shown in several ways.  In the first game, while he speaks harshly to Jak & Daxter, he's more soft spoken when addressing Keira.  Then, in Jak X:  Combat Racing, he refuses for a good portion of the game to allow her to enter the races.  
  • He doesn't just care about those close to him persnally however.  He deeply cares about other people as well, as when Baron Praxis abandoned his citizens in Dead Town, Samos stayed back to defend them, and succeeded.  Sometime after that, he started The Underground to fight against the Baron.  

Bad Qualities

  • He is often needlessly cruel to the duo in Jak & Daxter:  The Precursor Legacy (particularly to Daxter).  
  • His humor was removed entirely after Jak II.  
  • For some reason, he wasn't in Jak & Daxter:  The Lost Frontier at all, or Daxter, side from a very brief narration role.