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"My name is Samantha Puckett, I’m from Seattle and I love fried chicken."

"People call me "smooth and refreshing"." -One of Sam's sayings during iCarly.

Samantha "Sam" Puckett (simply called Sam) is a main character of the Nickelodeon sitcom, iCarly, and the co-host of the web show. She is the best friend of Carly, and also the friend of Spencer Shay, Gibby Gibson, and Freddie Benson. She is known for being a mean-spirited person, but deep down, she has a caring heart for anyone she cares about, especially her friends.

She is portrayed by Jennette McCurdy.

Why She Rocked

  1. Similar to Carly, she is very humorous, which is proven when she stars in Carly’s fictional web show. She’s with Carly when it comes to loud and creative humor.
  2. She is a jerk, but she has a heart of gold.
  3. There are actually good reasons why she’s a jerk, like with the exception of Melanie, her family wasn’t the best towards her, like how her mother didn’t take care of her that good, and how her father abandoned her and the family when she was young. She has a pretty rough life, so it’s understandable why she can be mean at times.
  4. She does get her comeuppance for really bad things she’s done, especially if she breaks the law.
  5. She does often make up for her mistakes, like when she told Principle Franklin that she changed her, Carly and Freddie’s grades.
  6. She has a decent singing ability.
  7. She cares about her friends, Freddie, Spencer, Gibby, and especially Carly, and often does the right thing whenever they are in trouble.
  8. She has a good friendship with Carly, and is always there for her on many occasions, especially when they make up at the end of "iQuit".
    • That had some good road trips together when they got Carly’s car in college, including road trips to Snoqualmie Falls, an exotic jerky emporium over the border in Idaho, and out to the forest to search for bigfoot. It was nice that Carly’s car helps her feel connected to Sam.
  9. She has a soft side, as she’s is nice to her friends, and she is shown to cry before, and comforted by her friends during rough times. Even tough girls can cry sometimes.
  10. Sam does patch things up with her family, like how she gets used to being around Melanie, her twin sister, and when she and her mom made up in "iSam’s Mom" after working things out with their struggles and agreeing to get along more and help each other out. She and her friends even help get her mom out of jail by getting bail money for her in "iLost My Head in Vegas", showing how much Sam does love her mom.
  11. She is greatly portrayed by Jennette McCurdy.
  12. She’s sadly not in the revival but her absence was explained: she joined a biker gang named "The Obliterators". Also, Jennette McCurdy (Sam’s actress) quit acting due to the embarrassment of her previous roles. We'll miss ya, Sam.
  13. While absent in the revival, she is mentioned a few times. Like when Carly mentions that she joined a biker gang, when Carly said that Harper is her "Best Friend Since Sam", and when Carly said that she and Sam put money together to buy Carly's car and that Sam named it Vin Desel. It was very nice of Sam to help Carly buy her car and name it.
    • It was also nice of her to use a secret gum wad to keep her and Carly’s seat belts together, and Carly once used it to keep her toes apart after a pedicure.
  14. Vin Desel, Carly’s old car that Sam helped her buy, is now currently in the iCarly studio, as it’s repainted and preserved by Spencer. Not only is this a perfect set for iCarly, seeing that this is Carly’s car and that Carly can have more memories with it, but it’s also a good remembrance of Sam, who helped Carly buy her car, who we will always remember.

Bad Qualities

  1. She was sadly flanderized in Sam & Cat, becoming a heartless, mean-spirited, and short-tempered bully.
  2. Even before she was flanderized, she can be very unlikable sometimes, as she constantly tortures Freddy throughout the show, mostly in the earlier seasons. Luckily, their friendship has improved, and she begins torturing him less.
  3. While her friendship with Freddie is in a good point, her romantic relationship with him failed.
  4. She can also be gluttonous and lazy, and she’s a very big eater, and while it can be funny, it can also be boring and uninteresting at times.


  • As of now, she and Gibby are the only main characters that are not confirmed to appear in the revival.
  • Sam has 458 unique outfits throughout the tv show, 76% of them are with accessories of some kind (necklaces, bracelets, hairbands, rings, etc).
  • Jennette McCurdy has immense dislike for her character, Sam.