Samuel "Sam" Dodsworth Sr. is the titular protagonist of the 1929 book, Dodsworth, and its 1934 broadway and 1936 film adapations of the same name. He was the husband of Fran Dodsworth and a wealthy, self-made, hard-working tycoon, and the president and founder of the Dodsworth Motor Company. He wanted to retire after twenty years of service and took a trip to Europe with his wife.

In the broadway production and the 1936 film adapations, he was portrayed by Walter Huston.

Why He Rocks

  1. Walter Huston does a strong, warm, and emotional performance portraying the broken man, especially in the film version.
  2. As mentioned before, he's a successful hard-working businessman who founded his own company and was in business for 20 years.
  3. He was also very compassionate and caring despite all of his work, which is probably why his employees gave him a warm goodbye during his retirement.
  4. Despite not having the best relationship with his wife Fran, he manages some of the struggles very well and is very forgiving. It's only when Fran really started to reach his breaking point in the climax when he decided to abandon her. Still, tolerating all that takes quite some courage.
  5. There are a few scenes involving her daughter Emily where he had shown to be an encouraging and sensitive father, when he's not freaking out over something (See Bad Qualities).
  6. He's still has a lot of optimism and a sense of wonder as shown when he was admiring all the European landmarks.

Bad Qualities

  1. There are times when he does some pretty questionable acts, some of which include shouting as his daughter unexpectedly, or sending a spy after his wife just to make sure she wasn't cheating on him.
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