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Sakura Kinomoto (木之本 桜, Kinomoto Sakura) is a fictional character, the heroine, and the main protagonist of CLAMP's anime and manga series Cardcaptor Sakura. Sakura is introduced as a 10 year-old girl who lives in the town of Tomoeda in Japan, where she attends Tomoeda Elementary School during the Clow Card Arc and Sakura Card Arc story-line. In Clear Card Arc story-line, she is a 13 year-old freshmen attending Tomoeda Junior High School.

Why She Rocks

  1. She was CLAMP's cutest tomboy.
  2. She was born with her magical powers.
  3. She loves more boyish hobbies (including inline skating, video games and boyish sports).
  4. To increase her cuteness and tomboyishness, she wears her most iconic everyday outfit: her school uniform, which was double as her most powerful battle outfit.
    • Her winter school uniform is a black long sleeved shirt with red and white sleevecuffs, a white neckerchief with a red stripe, and a white pleated miniskirt with a frilly white knee-length petticoat. On particularly cold days, she wears a thick black coat with her schools insignia on the back. Her summer uniform is a white half-sleeved shirt with a red neckerchief and a black pleated miniskirt. All year round, a pair of very shiny black Mary Jane shoes are worn along with white socks and a white sailor hat with a black trim.
  5. Her theme song, She is the One was pure heroic.
  6. While she's transforming, her different clothes are magically transformed into her school uniform, as her battle outfit.