"Remember, you're fighting for this woman's honor, which is probably more than she ever did!" ― Rufus T. Firefly

Rufus T. Firefly is the main protagonist of the 1933 Marx Brothers film, Duck Soup. He became the president and dictator of Fredonia, which was a bankrupt country. He was recommended by Mrs. Teasdale to be the new president

...although I may have abused the power and started a pointless war over getting called an "upstart".

Whoa, hold on. Groucho Marx? I thought you were dead!

If I was dead, then how could I be talking to you right now sir?

Ooooooo-kay. Shall we get into the main reasons you're such a memorable character.

Why not? You were going to do it anyway.

Why He Rocks

  1. Rufus T. Firefly is a pretty cool name (similar to a lot of Groucho's characters names) and it pretty much summarizes how unique his character can be.
  2. As per usual with Groucho Marx's roles his dialogue is hilarious and loaded with witty humor and double entendres, and don't forget my occasional fourth-wall awareness. It's practically one of our singature trademarks.
  3. He may not be a very good ruler, but he was shown to be strong and powerful. Overall, not someone you'd want to mess with.
  4. His constant attempts to marry Mrs. Teasdale due to how rich she is. What? I thought it was only fair that I got my share of some of her money.
  5. Firefly called up all other nations of the world during the battle towards the ending, which followed a massive (and hilarious) scene full of tanks, armies and groups of traveling animals. (Even if it was stock footage.)
  6. Plus, there's also the fact that his uniform had changed almost every time the camera switched during the third act, to a variety of increasingly improbable outfits.
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