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"You can fill a lot of cereal in this bowl!"

Rudolph Bartholomew "Rudy" Tabootie is the main protagonist. He is in 5th grade. He travels to ChalkZone with his best friends Penny and Snap. He has magic chalk that he can use to draw portals into ChalkZone and draw things out of thin air. He is 10 years old.

Why He Rocks

  1. He has a very good talent at art.
  2. He has great relationships with Penny, Snap, Blocky, and his parents.
  3. The idea of a boy who uses chalk and entering into a creative world is very good and creative.
  4. He is shown to take criticism in some episodes.
  5. His drawings are very well-done, and very cartoony especially Snap and Blocky.
  6. Passable character design throughout Seasons 1-4.
  7. He is so cute, into the two shorts "ChalkZone" and it's sequel "Amazin River".
  8. He is shown to have a crush on Penny Sanchez in the shorts and in the series. Many Nickeloden fanfiction fans, ship this couple.

Bad Qualities

  1. He is shown to be unlikable in some episodes such as When Santas Collide.
  2. Sometimes, his drawings can be a little bit crudely.