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Roger is one of the main characters in the animated comedy series American Dad!. He is a space alien whose appearance resembles that of the greys living with the Smith family. Roger is sarcastic, surly, amoral, self-centered, hedonistic, alcoholic, and dresses up in a variety of personas.

"Ricky Spanish"

Why He Rocks

  1. He is such a hilarious character. He is show to be a great comic relief.
  2. His personas are always awesome.
  3. His murderous attitude at times are epic.
  4. Despite his murderous and rude attitude, he can be really sympathetic to his family.
  5. Even though he has his flaws and wrong doings, he‘s shown to learn from his mistakes.
  6. He is strong and skilled.
  7. He is well animated like many of other Seth MacFarlane shows.
  8. His moments with Steve are always nice.
  9. Ricky Spanish is his best persona. That is his absolute best.

Bad Qualities

  1. He can be a jerk at times.
  2. Sometimes, he will be unsympathetic.