"It's disguise time!"

Robbie Rotten (also known as Glanni Glæpur in Icelandic) is the main antagonist of the Icelandic children's program LazyTown. He is the nemesis of the series' main protagonists, Sportacus and Stephanie Meanswell, who promote exercise, healthy eating and an active and healthy lifestyle.

He was portrayed by the late Stefán Karl Stefánsson.

Why He Rocks

  1. His status is "Number One Villain", and rightfully so, as he is a manipulative, charismatic trickster who'll stop at nothing to keep his status.
  2. He is the most expressive character in the show, with comedic, cartoon-esque facial expressions and hilarious body-language, thanks to the legendary Stefán Karl Stefánsson, who unfortunately passed away this year.
  3. He has impeccable musical talent, singing unbelievably catchy songs with the likes of "You Are A Pirate", "Master of Disguise" and the internet meme "We Are Number One".
  4. Despite his flaws, Robbie shows certain degrees of brilliance, as he is known for coming up with cunning plans to make people lazy, such as his somehow perfect disguises. He is not called the Master of Disguise for nothing.
  5. In his disguise's, he is sociable, charming, and funny, all in his bid to make a slothful life seem like an attractive alternative to Sportacus's example.
  6. He sometimes appears to be extremely friendly, empathetic, and compassionate on terms with the Lazytown residents at times. In the episode "The First Day of Summer", it is actually revealed he really likes everyone in Lazytown, including Sportacus, and has nothing to do if they are all gone.
  7. His lair looks amazing for a show made in Iceland, and he is enjoyable to watch on screen in general, especially when he is talking to the viewer.
  8. He is a childish buffoon, which somehow makes him endearing.
  9. "Who did you expect, Sportaflop?"

Bad Quality

  1. He has poor social skills when he isn't playing the villain.
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