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Rias Gremory is a character from High School DXD. She is a crimson haired demon who resurrected Issei from death and reincarnated him.

Why She Rocks

  1. She's very strong and caring towards her friends and others even if they're misguided.
  2. She has rescued many innocent people in the past.
    • She accepted Akeno for being a half fallen angel.
    • She rescued Kiba from a corrupt group of research cultists and healed him to save his life.
    • She rescued Gasper from those that killed his mother and protected his mental health as well.
  3. She tries to tone down Issei's perverted nature and wants the better of him to get prepared for the actual situation they're in.
  4. She uses a very powerful magic type called "Power Of Destruction" that can instantly kill her foes if charged. She can also differently control it such as firing small bullet versions of it.
  5. Her character design is sexy, beautiful and very well done.
  6. Her Japanese and English voice is very well done.
  7. She shows that Ecchi characters can have more personality and character to them and can be well executed.
  8. She is the reason why demons that are good are getting a better view and reputation from Angels and even Christians.
  9. She's also kind to Angels and other light focused entities.

Bad Qualities

  1. Her constant yelling of Issei's name can get annoying at times.
  2. She can get jealous towards the other characters at times.