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Why He Rocks

  • He is a main character of the second longest Seinen manga series in the Young Jump magazine.
  • He is the best friend as well as the sword and shield of Ei Sei and shares in the young king's dream of unification.
  • He is an incredibly talneted martial artist despite never receiving any formal training.
  • Character Development: While he started out in only wanting to be a Great General just because he wanted to, Shin started to really understand what's needed in becoming one after meeting the likes of General Ou Ki, Duke Hyou, Ren Pa, fighting with legendary opponents like Rin Ko and Ri Boku, facing the cruelty of War after cutting down Man Goku and facing Kan Ki. And while he was originally an ignorant former servant Shin has grown into a proper and incredible leader.
  • He respects his enemies as he bears a begrudging amount of respect to his archenemy Ri Boku.
  • He is still somewhat immature destipe his age which makes him more relatable to viewers.
  • His confident and straightforward nature inspires others to fight for their goals.

Bad Qualities

  • While he bought himself armor after his first campagin and becoming a 100-Man Commander, he never wore any until becoming a 1000-Man Commander and just choose to wear his regular raggy blue Yue shirt.
  1. He can came off as naive as he failed to reblunt Kan Ki's answer to unification during their confrontation and punched out Bi Hei on the premise of him looting dead bodies before hearing im out.
  • He can get easily lost during complex discussions and can get flustered in moments that call for a cooler head from time to time.


  • Shin is based on the real-life ancient B.C. Qin great general, Li Xin.
  • Shin is one of the youngest people in the series to have become a general at the age of 24 alongside both Ou Hon and Mou Ten at 25 and Kou Yoku, and Haku Rei in their 20s.
  • During his days as a servant, He had no cooking skills what so ever.
  • Shin and Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece share various similarities between each other.